Mediocrity Doesn’t Cut It

I wonder how many points will get deducted from my grade if I don’t write this last blog (sorry, Dr. Bridges).

It’s not that I don’t want to put my best foot forward. I do, really. But that’s so hard. I have to come up with a topic and write about it in a way that makes sense, and then I have to edit it, and I’m really tired, and my mind is ready for Thanksgiving break, ya feel?

So I called Mom to procrastinate. And she asked me how school is going and how many blogs I had left. Whoops.

It’s really easy to get to the point where I ask myself, “How can I take the easy way out?”. Sometimes, for sanity’s sake, I have to go easier on myself. Sometimes, life just kind of happens. There are times when we fall a little short, but that’s just the way things are sometimes. When you embrace those things as being fine and normal, when you embrace mediocrity and no longer strive for excellence, it’s time for concern.

I’m not talking about homework, although, naptime is temporary, and GPA is forever. What I’m talking about is bigger than that. I’m talking about how we live our lives.

The Bible calls us to strive for excellence. To live like Christ is to not take the easy, convenient way out all the time. It’s to love like Christ loved; it’s to serve others; it’s to spread the Gospel to all nations; it’s to disciple; it’s to be willing to suffer for the cause of Christ, and then to actually do it, if that’s what it comes down to; it’s to trust Christ, and to lean on him, instead of our own understanding.

These things are all those that set us apart. They are things that help us on our spiritual walks, and they are things that help others see Christ in us. They aren’t easy. But living excellently isn’t always easy. Why lower our standards for ourselves when it comes to one of the most important part of our lives, our faith?

Here is a list of verses I found during my Bible study on striving for excellence. I loved these, and context gives a deeper understanding. 

Author: Unboxing Faith

I'm a college student who loves Pinterest, Netflix, macaroni & cheese, doodling, and studying and writing about religion, philosophy, and Christian apologetics. I know, I usually lose people at that last little bit. My hobbies are a little different, and I'm a little weird, but I'm cool with it. Enough about me, though. Let's talk about Jesus.

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